“Just lucky I guess”   
Liz Stires was raised in Mill Valley, California. Her father, the late Ernest Stires II, grandson of the world famous opera singer Louise Homer, was himself a recording artist and noted modern composer and pianist.  He was also a composition instructor and became a lifetime mentor to Trey Anastasio of Phish. Her stepfather founded the Creative Music School in San Rafael, one of the first folk guitar schools in Marin. Steeped in the ‘60s culture and music, and shaped by the singer-songwriter explosion of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Liz began songwriting as a teen. The family tradition of composing, songwriting, and teaching is carried on by Liz and her talented siblings.

Liz’s career began with the Cascades doing original music and playing local clubs. As a member of Huey Lewis and the Monday Night Live Band, she shared the stage with many talented recording artists.  Her vocals were featured on Lewis’s first release Exodisco.  Soon after, Liz joined the Jerry Garcia Band as a vocalist, touring, and recording on JGB's Run for the Roses, and next a short stint with Bob Weir and Kingfish.  

Liz has been focusing on her own material while raising her son in norther California. She has reopened the Creative Music School in Fairfax, CA where she teaches piano, guitar, voice and provides coaching, recording and arranging for singer-songwriters. She is currently playing locally.
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art: Jane Kiskaddon

photo: Natalie Calder